Calendar, milestones & events

  1. What is iCal(endar) and how do I use it with Basecamp?
  2. Can I move items from one Basecamp project to another?
  3. What’s the difference between to-dos, milestones, and events?
  4. Can I create Gantt charts with Basecamp?
  5. What is the purpose of the To-dos, Calendar, and Time tabs on the Dashboard?
  6. How does the calendar work?
  7. Can I attach a file to a to-do or milestone?
  8. Does Basecamp Classic integrate with Microsoft Outlook?
  9. What does it mean to relate a to-do list to a milestone?
  10. How do I add the iCalendar feed of milestones to my Google calendar?
  11. I'm no longer receiving email notifications from Basecamp. What's going on?
  12. What is the Daily Digest and how do I subscribe to one?
  13. How do I update my time zone?
  14. Can I add comments or files on milestones?
  15. Can I make milestone templates?
  16. Can I create recurring milestones?
  17. How do I assign a milestone to someone else?
  18. Can I subscribe to all milestones and events in a single calendar or do I need to subscribe to each project individually?
  19. Can I set milestones so an email is sent when they're due?
  20. How do I add a project phase to the calendar?
  21. How do I add and edit an event?
  22. What does "associate with a milestone" mean on a message?
  23. Can I make milestones private?
  24. How can I see all the milestones assigned to me?
  25. Can I move multiple milestones at once?
  26. Can we add a time to Milestones or only a date? What about a date range?
  27. How do I get my Basecamp Classic milestones to integrate with my Backpack Calendar?
  28. My calendar program doesn't recognize "webcal://" – what should I do?
  29. Why do I get errors when I try to subscribe to the iCalendar?

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