Calendar, milestones & events

  1. What is iCal(endar) and how do I use it with Basecamp?
  2. Can I move items from one Basecamp project to another?
  3. What’s the difference between to-dos, milestones, and events?
  4. Can I create Gantt charts with Basecamp?
  5. How does the calendar work?
  6. What is the purpose of the To-dos, Calendar, and Time tabs on the Dashboard?
  7. Can I attach a file to a to-do or milestone?
  8. Does Basecamp Classic integrate with Microsoft Outlook?
  9. What does it mean to relate a to-do list to a milestone?
  10. I'm no longer receiving email notifications from Basecamp. What's going on?
  11. How do I add the iCalendar feed of milestones to my Google calendar?
  12. What is the Daily Digest and how do I subscribe to one?
  13. How do I update my time zone?
  14. Can I add comments or files on milestones?
  15. Can I make milestone templates?
  16. Can I create recurring milestones?
  17. How do I assign a milestone to someone else?
  18. Can I subscribe to all milestones and events in a single calendar or do I need to subscribe to each project individually?
  19. How do I add a project phase to the calendar?
  20. Can I set milestones so an email is sent when they're due?
  21. How do I add and edit an event?
  22. What does "associate with a milestone" mean on a message?
  23. Can I make milestones private?
  24. How can I see all the milestones assigned to me?
  25. Can I move multiple milestones at once?
  26. Can we add a time to Milestones or only a date? What about a date range?
  27. How do I get my Basecamp Classic milestones to integrate with my Backpack Calendar?
  28. My calendar program doesn't recognize "webcal://" – what should I do?
  29. Why do I get errors when I try to subscribe to the iCalendar?

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