1. Can I move items from one Basecamp project to another?
  2. What's an archived project? Why should I archive? How can I archive a project?
  3. Can I create subcategories for files? Can I create folders or nested categories?
  4. Can I download all my files at once?
  5. What is the Web URL and Server Path for FTP hosting?
  6. Can I attach a file to a to-do or milestone?
  7. Is there a file size limit on uploads?
  8. How do I delete a file?
  9. Can I add comments or files on to-dos?
  10. Does Basecamp Classic support file versioning?
  11. Suddenly I can't upload files even though it was working before (and I didn't change anything). What's up?
  12. How does the privacy setting work in Basecamp?
  13. Why do some files open in a browser window? How can I download them?
  14. How much file space does our account have?
  15. Can we upload multiple files at once?
  16. How do I attach files to messages?
  17. Can I add comments or files on milestones?
  18. How can I change global categories for files or messages?
  19. Is it possible to switch to my own FTP file storage system?
  20. My files won't upload or it takes hours to upload them. What's up?
  21. Does Basecamp Classic have check-in/check-out functionality?
  22. Can I work with files on the server or do I need to download them first?
  23. What user name and password should I use for FTP hosting?
  24. If we switch FTP servers will Basecamp Classic remap all our old files to the new server?
  25. Why am I getting a POSIX error when I try to upload a file?
  26. I know my server path is right but Basecamp Classic says it's wrong. What's going on?

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