I can't login and I'm seeing an error that my email isn't recognized when I go to Launchpad. Why can't it find my account?

Launchpad can only look up your account and your login info if you’ve created your account or updated your login since December 14, 2009.

If you have an existing account but have not created your 37signals ID yet, you won’t be able to login through the Launchpad. (Here’s how to get a 37signals ID) Instead, you’ll need to go to your main account URL to login as you did before.

NOTE: Your main URL looks like this for each product:

You fill in the blank to find your correct URL.

At that URL you’ll be able to recover your login information by entering your email address on file.

Once you’re logged in, follow the prompts on the screen to update to a 37signals ID.

If you still can’t login, please contact support.

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